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More praise for Hellstrom’s Hive

I finished listening to the audio book version of Frank Herbert’s Hellstrom’s Hive yesterday. God, I love that book. It is so crying out for a sequel. I want to know what happened next, then over the following few years, decades, and centuries. I’m now reading the book again. On my Sony Reader of course. […]

The plan

I like to set goals. I’m not that keen on keeping to them, but I like setting them as targets and frameworks to work with. I’ve got a set of personal and work related goals that want to work to over the next few years. Sort of my own personal Soviet style 5-year plan. Work […]

Journey to the Ants – Hölldobler and Wilson

Just ordered a copy of Journey to the Ants by Bert Hölldobler and Edward O. Wilson. It’s a book about how ants evolved and how they live in various habitats and colonies. This book seems to be a more accessible study of the subject of ants than their academic focused The Ants. The latter is […]

More Frank Herbert books on Audible

Just seen that Frank Herbert’s Whipping Star is on Audible as an audio book. Read by Scott Brick. I’m listening to (reading?) Hellstrom’s Hive at the moment. It’s a marvellous book. I’ve read it many times. The audio book version is wonderful. Whipping Star next. Hopefully there will be more of Herbert’s work added in […]

Coalescent – Stephen Baxter

Just finished Coalescent by Stephen Baxter. I’ve had this sitting on my bookshelf for a while *. After recently rereading the brilliant Hellstrom’s Hive by Frank Herbert, I was thinking about a sequel to the Herbert book. I’d love to read more about the human colony in HH. What did the Government do about the […]

Desert Island books 1

In a complete rip off of the question asked at the end of the BBC Radio 4 show Desert Island Discs, were the participant is asked what book they would take to the island with them, I’m going to post a few of my favourite books. Incidentally, on the programme they give The Bible and […]

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